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Preventative Maintenance for Your Furnace and Air Conditioning

Prevent serious HVAC system issues with regular preventative air conditioning and furnace maintenance from SEK Heat & Air in Pittsburg, Kansas. From blowers and motors to belts and evaporators, we offer regularly scheduled maintenance for your system to keep it functioning at peak performance all year while saving you money.

Preventative Maintenance

The experienced technicians at SEK can keep your heating and cooling system running at top efficiency year-round. This means lower energy bills, longer lasting equipment, and fewer costly breakdowns. The comprehensive 15-point maintenance program we have developed will make these savings happen for you. We can customize a maintenance program for you to cover you in the spring and fall.

Experienced Technicians

Two Experienced Professionals Working on a HVAC Unit

Spring Checklist

Each spring, we will send one of our experienced professionals to your home or business to check the system .We ensure your HVAC system is primed to offer optimum air conditioning by lubricating all moving parts, cleaning and adjusting the thermostat, and checking the operating pressures. All wiring and connections are inspected as is the refrigerant charge. The following are also checked:

  • Motor Volts and Amps
  • Air Temperature Drop Across Evaporator
  • Evaporator Superheat
  • Belt and Adjust Tension
  • Filters (Customer Supplied)
  • Pressure Switches Settings
  • Electric Lockout Circuits
  • Starting Contactor Contact Points
  • Air Temperature Across Condenser
  • Condensate Drain

Fall Inspection

In preparation for the cold of winter, we will also come and inspect your system to ensure your heat is working properly. We oil your blowers and motors, check the flue pipe, and check and clean your burners. The technician will also clean and adjust the thermostat as in the spring and make any necessary recommendations based on their inspection. In addition, they will check the following:

  • Fan and Limit Control
  • Belt and Adjust Tension
  • Ignitor Gap
  • Proper Draft
  • Combustion
  • Oil Filter (If Applicable)
  • Complete Furnace Cycle
  • Gas Pressure
  • Check and Clean Orifices
  • All Wiring and Connections
Electrician Checking the Wirings